Reviews of our first episode..

Thank you to everyone who has listened to our first episode, if you have not found it yet, check it out on Podbean or your favourite podcast platform.

This is what some of our listeners have had to say so far…

“those things that you do in the kitchen that you don’t even think about, that you don’t realize the value that they are for someone else” Love this sentence you said!

Loved it all!

And “Be brave!”

I had a great time listening to you and David. It was interesting and “bubbly” and it makes you feel like you are right there. Thank you! 💚

Laura Barzan, Italy

“I love podcasts, especially when you can watch it on youtube as well, so this is definitely one to add to my library!

I have been a fan of Elaine’s for years, and her enthusiasm and energy for all things food just shines through. Also good to meet David, who is obviously a food nut as well, and they make a great team. I have already learned some new tips and tricks and if I can can save myself some pennies from leftovers as well, thats got to be good! Every day’s a school day!

Bring it on Foodbod Pod!”

Elizabeth Bourdon, UK

“What a great first episode! Absolutely loved the positive vibe and enthusiasm, you can definitely feel like passion in your voices! Great tips too. Bring on the next episode(s)…”

Karine Vignelles, UK

“I loved this first episode of the foodbod pod and can’t wait to listen in to the next ones.

It’s easy to listen to, friendly and full of tips for foodies and bakers like me.

Can’t believe we need to wait a whole month for the next one!”

Anne Iarchy, UK

We look forward to sharing the next episode with you all!

2 responses to “Reviews of our first episode..”

  1. Spend thirty, virtual, minutes in someone else’s kitchen, hear and see what makes them tick, their background, style of cooking/baking and influences plus their three invaluable top tips….yes please!
    Foodies like me, will be in pure heaven.
    An innovative, very professional podcast for easy listening, akin to having a coffee/tea with good friends, whose opinions relating to baking or cookery cuisine you can trust.
    I loved listening to Elaine & David present this wonderful podcast and can’t wait for next months’s edition.

    Presented in conjunction with Matthew’s Cotswold Flour a brand you can most certainly trust and I can heartily endorse, as a passionate home baker & cook.

    I cook/bake everything we eat, with a cornucopia of different cuisines being omnipresent in my kitchen.
    We eat all of the food groups I always prefer savoury, however other family members definitely have a leaning towards sweet, so all are catered for, accordingly this series of podcasts will be invaluable.

    I am fortunate to already possess Elaine’s two current Sourdough baking books, have bought and recommended them to many friends and can’t wait for book number three to be published in May 2023.

    1. Thank you so much xxx

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