Episode 6: Curds and Whey

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In this episode, David and I visit White Lake Cheese to meet farmer and award-winning artisan cheesemaker, Roger Longman.

Roger discusses his journey into cheesemaking and guides us through the process from raw milk to finished cheese and describes the range and variety he produces on his farm in Somerset. Returning from a career in engineering, Roger took over the family farm and built on its origins as a small Cheddar producer to create White Lake Cheese, developing it into one of the UK’s most respected artisanal cheese producers that has gathered an impressive number of prizes at the World Cheese Awards, several Supreme Champion medals at The Bath & West Cheese Awards as well as a number of coveted Great Taste awards.

White Lake produces an impressive range of hand-made cheeses from soft to hard, including sheep’s cheese, cow’s cheese and goat’s cheese produced from Roger’s own herd of over 700 goats. From Little She to Driftwood, Solstice to Rachel Reserva, English Pecorino and Fetish, Roger shows Elaine how the different cheeses are made and matured and describes the various processes and treatments required for each kind of cheese and how flavour and rind is developed.

I then join Roger and food blogger Sally Prosser for a cheese and sourdough lunch and later gets to meet the goats, find out more about their diet and behaviour and visits the milking parlour and the nursery where the kids are weened.

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